Little Miss Spicy


Well, hello again :)
So, another lack of post for the whole month. And i'm really really sorry.
I tried to blog more often, but there were tons of things to do that distracted me from blogging.
But i actually managed to post some of my looks on LOOKBOOK, cause, yes i have to admit, it's way moreee simple than blogging. On Lookbook I only have to resize and edit two photos and upload it and for me it doesn't matter if i leave it blank without any information at all. While it feels wrong to blog without write anything about the look or updating something. And the thing is, i'm not a good writer and my english isn't that good (lol, i admit it), so now you know, i need more concentration on blogging, lol. Not to mention, resizing and editing photos for blog took some times too. Sadly, with my job and my mother duty, it's hard to find the free time to sit, editing photos and think what to write on this blog. But since i love blogging, i will try my best to always update it. *fingercrossed*


These flat wedges are one of my new shoes last month.
Bought it from my favorite online shop, Just Wanderlust.
I feel in love to the color and i never had that kind of shoes, so i decided to buy it from the second i saw it.
But, sadly, i think my short legs are not the perfect match to this kind of shoes.
I think they look weird and even shorter :x
It's sad, cause i love the color.

What do you think?



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