Anastasia Of Beverly Hills

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today i want to share a good news about new make up product, called
Anastasia Of Beverly Hills.

About Anastasia :
Anastasia has long been the definitive eye and brow expert for icons such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah as well as hip up-and-comers like Diana Agron, Selena Gomez and Kristen Cavalari and has recently expanded into colors that match their superior standards for skincare based cosmetics.
Anastasia Of Beverly Hills products have been recently added to all Sephora stores in the United States.
Their make up plus approach always has the importance of skin care at the base of their clinically tested cosmetic formulas.

Interesting enough?
Wait, you haven't seen anything yet.
Check out some of their cute products :)

ILLUMIN8 With Youthful Synergy™ Complex Bronzer, $29

Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes, $39.50

Hydrafull Gloss, $21

Highlighting Brow Kit, $20

Illumin8 Eye Shadow Duo, $23

Cute aren't they?
Check out their other products on Sephora.
There's an exclusive eye shadow for online buyer only ;)

Get Blake Lively look with their product !

Check out this "Beauty Express" brow-kit instructional video too, to learn more about their product !

"Beauty Express" brow-kit instructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills



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