Hi all,
i'm answering miechumiechumie's question about what brush that i use to apply my eye shadow.

i'm using this brush from e.l.f to apply the eye shadow all over my lid

this for blending and apply eye shadow on my crease

and this angled brush too *mostly for cat's eye look*

I use an angled liner brush too, to apply my gel eye liner.
mine has no brand, i bought it from a local make up store in my city about a years ago.
it looks like this (image from : Zosimo Botanicals )

i don't know is it real hair or synthetic but it has the soft hair that so easy to apply with wet or dry gel liner. Sometimes i use it to apply eye shadow on my eye brows too.

I'm using a lot of e.l.f brushes beside MAC brushes.
What i love about e.l.f's brushes is that they're quite cheap (unlike MAC brushes) and it gives good result. My favorite is the eye blending brush, it really helps me a lot since i'm not really good at blending stuffs.
It's my Holy Grail brush ;)

Hope it helps !



  1. OMG can't believe u answered my question... it's my first comment on your blog (since I found and started to follow your blog on 2008)...
    thanx thanxx Bebe ;)

    It REALLY REALLY helps.....

    Thank you and can't wait to see your daughter :*


  2. need to invest in those babies asap

    thanks xx

  3. followed your blog~~~ love your dewy make up~

  4. Ooh I might invest in some.


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