Short update from me

So it's only 2 and half months away before my laboring day.
I'm so nervous yet so excited.
i already wrote 2 shopping lists for my baby and for me,
which surprised me that there are tons of things to buy for the newborn.
I'll buy 'em one by one when my pregnancy is officially 7 moths this November 20th :)
Can't Wait !!!

I feel so blessed with my marriage life and pregnancy.
Sure, there are some big changes in my life but mostly everything is just great in my life now.
Especially now, when my baby is getting bigger (she's 1,2kgs now),
I can feel her stronger kicks and movements inside my stomach.
I feel amazing.
I never imagined myself as a mom before. I don't get along well with kids.
I really didn't have that much patient to understand them.
But this time I feel different.
My heart warms up every time i think about my baby,
whenever I feel her kicks, even the uncomfortable ones, I always find myself smile naturally.
I feel my heart is bigger now with a new biggest room for my baby.
I know somehow, I can be a good mother for her.

On my last birthday, last February, just like any other birthdays, I remember my insecurity of getting older.
I felt like I wasn't mature enough to be 26, 
I didn't want to get old, I want to be forever young, life freely with no responsibilities.
And of course, being a mother was never on my mind, at all.
I couldn't imagine how big my burden would be to be a mom.
But it's all changed now. Being married and pregnant totally changed me.
Now I know for certain, that on my next birthday I won't be bothered about my age anymore.
I will embrace it and be grateful that on my 27th I have everything every woman want in their life;
A husband that loves me very much, who loves me for who I am, the good and the bad.
And a beautiful daughter that surely will become our angel :)

I never regret anything since i decided to get married.
Even though I've lost some of my closest friends, because my marriage life is just too different for them, they get bored of it, that's ok. Because life goes on, people come and go in our life, everything's changing and evolving. That's what I believe.
I've learned to let go all the anger, bitterness, sadness and loneliness of losing my dear friends and instead I will only be focusing on my family and the child that is growing in belly, because there are still so much that I have to learn and because that is my biggest responsibility now.
I wish my lost friends the best in their lives as I wish the best for myself too.

Anyway, I'll do maternity photo shoot next week.
To be honest, I'm not confident with my huge body, but let's hope it'll be awesome :D

Well, until then, see ya !
Will post when the photos are in my hand.

Ah, before i forget, i wanna say a lot of thanks to my readers and followers who are still supporting this blog even though i don't post a lot anymore.
I still gain new follower until today.
Thank you so much.
I assure you, once this pregnancy and hormonal season are over,
i'll post regularly like I used to be.
(psst, I already bought some pretty dresses, can't wait to wear 'em once I get back in shape)





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  2. wow, this is a very honest post. love it! can't wait to see the maternity photoshoot. yay!

  3. this post really touches me:)
    can't wait to see your baby :)



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