Pinky Birthday

i was at happy and mellow mood at the same time during my birthday.
happy for my birthday and mellow for getting older.
it's just, i don't know, i never imagined myself being 26th,
26 years old women i know are mature and all,
but me ?? hahahaha, i could never describe myself as a mature woman.
but life is a lesson right? i hope i'll reach my maturity in time :)

forgive my fugly umbrella hehehe.
and the boy is my cousin, the funny one :)

random floral dress & vest; Mango purse; Fendi knock off shoes

my make up.
i'm wearing Tea Rose lipstick from Nyx.
I really love the color.

and my wedding shoes.
red soles, yes. but too bad it ain't Loubie, it's from Rotelli.
14cms, let's just hope i won't fall on my wedding day ;)



  1. love ur make up and heels! pretty you :)

  2. beee...cute bgt km pake dress itu..spatunya keren ya heelsnya tuh...

  3. happy birthday sweetie... you look great ....hope you had a good tym...

  4. Love the shoes. :) And your so pretty. :)

    Just followed you. :)

  5. i love the dress, looks gorgeous

  6. bee, Fendy knock off shoes nya bagus banget... belinya dimana be? online?

    Forever and Ever By Dian Prad


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