New Start, New Hope

Feel so happy lately.
2010 is gonna be big.
I'm so excited :)

H20 gray dress & brooch; Aldo shoes



  1. Just found your blog! You have some great looks in your stylebook and awesome photography ... may I ask if you have someone take your outdoor ones or if you use a tripod?

  2. @PetiteAsianGirl hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. My boyfriend help me taken outdoor pictures for me, or sometimes my bestfriend. I never use a tripod when i take outdoor photo shoot.

    @Erlinda that's one of the happy news, but i got another one, will post it soon here :)

  3. Love your blog,,,so energetic! Super cool eyes! You look like a doll!

  4. i love the detail on ur dress!
    & ur haircut is amazing. lol i love it


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