i love my new cobra ring !
from Thailand dress; Mango clutch; Aldo shoes; random cobra ring; Mango ring; vintage silver ring; from Thailand round gold earrings

my black purple smokey eyes

i just love MAC lipgloss ;)

ah anyway, a reader asked me where i bought Qupid and Aldo shoes,
i bought it online from and
they have fabulous collections with affordable prices :)
Happy shopping !



  1. i think u're more beautiful with long hair....^^
    but it's okay to have short hair since u're real beautiful^^

  2. The shift dress and the ring is amazing. I love the make-up as well.


  3. i think short hair suits you better :)

  4. i think short hair suits you better :)

  5. WOW! i'm pretty shocked with your new hair. hihi.. you look more feminine and sweet. :) btw, followed ur blog, mind to follow mind back? thankssss. big fan of you! ;) oh and btw, i'm waiting for your wed photos. can't wait to see them! :D

  6. Oh, and the dress is amazingly beautifulll! love the back details.

  7. the back of that dress is amazing....

  8. love your cobra's so gorgeous..
    btw, i follow your blog..please visit mine ^^

  9. bebe, i think this hair is too much for u, u look cute with short hair aswell as long hair i know that. u look fantastic all the time but not with this hair..=(

  10. hi guyss, thanks for the comments.
    i read so much pros and contras about my long hair,
    but most of 'em love my short hair.
    i prefer short hair too, but for my wedding i have to add hair extension, to help the hair stylist make a pretty updo for the party.
    but, the hair extensions only lasted 3days hahaha, i couldn't stand the weight and length. and the rings are tostured me, i couldn't sleep ever since in put it on.
    so, now i'm back to my short hair, but at the end of february i have put it back :(
    i agree with myli, i look too much.

    just a sharing though ;)

    thanks guys

  11. i love ur colored contacts .
    and did u get extensions dear ??

    lovely details on the back of ur dress :D

    many thanks for the sweet comments as always .
    keep bloggin XD
    xoxoxo : michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  12. your hair is so amazing!! your dress and shoes and earing and make up are all so beautiful!! truly jelous :) following this blog

    love sammy



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