Say hi to my very first nude dress.
And yes, it makes me nervous.
I don't get along well with colors.

Runway Avenue dress; Nine West shoes
(click to visit Runway Avenue)



  1. Love that dress on you. It's very pretty... I'm still on a hunt for my perfect nude dress... I think I found one but I hate the hassle of ordering online without trying it on. :(

  2. the dress looks good on you. and your shoes is to die for! lovely blog! following you!

  3. once again breath-taking...

  4. eeeep the dress is too cute :)
    and the shoes are HOT ! Also lovin' the clear pictures <3
    do you mind exchanging links with me ?

  5. hi! nice to meet you.. :)) i was gonna buy that dress.... that is surely a killer dress... hehe... you have a really nice blog...

  6. wuaa dearest, u look gorgeous ! perfect match with ur stunning red Nine West heels.. thankiuuu for featuring The Runway.. we're so beyond happy ! Love love! ;)

  7. @pangie thanks. yes i guess nude dress is very tricky. we have to pick the right color that suits our skin.

    @Gemma Wade thanks Gemma :))

    @the runway You are welcome. Thanks for the great dress too :)

    @Malu thanks Malu :)

    @Sabila Anata i already put your link on my blog. On "oh so inspiring" i guess.

    @fashionjinx thank you so much for the compliment :D

    @angie star thanks for visiting Angie

    @betz thank you so much betz :)

  8. @Selly hello Selly, nice to meet you too.
    Thanks for visiting :))


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