Joyful Season

Lace Top : Fransisca Masbrata (find her on Facebook)
Bandage Skirt : Nyla
Waist Belt : Orange
Shoes : Gojane
Fringe Bag : random

Oh how i love Xmas

ps : we adore nude lipstick !



  1. gorgeous lace top! black + lace + a hint of red = very sexy :)

    happy holidays!

  2. be...lace top'nya sama!!!hehehehe

  3. love your lace top so cool! and those rings is really cutee!

  4. love your lace top :)
    drop by my blog if you have the time ya :)

  5. hey i've just seen your blog.. and i saw your lace top.. just like mine, and your belt... i've one... haha.. maybe we've same taste of fashion...

    pls visit my blog^^
    i'm a new comer in the world of blog...

    (anyway, i've live in surabaya too... hehe)

  6. hey i've just seen you blog, and u kno what... ur lace top just like mine, and i've a same red belt like u wear...hehe
    maybe we have same fashion taste..
    anyway i've stayed in surabaya too..

    visit my blog

    i am a new comer in world of blog.. pls come around^^

  7. i luv u're black so adorable dear...


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