Padang Padang

Made the flower crown myself.
The dress was bought at local boutique in my city, i love the color, so exotic.
My hubby didn't like me wearin' it, because of its low cleavage.
But it's Bali, nobody cares.
Even two Spain couple were making out there in front of us,
so low cleavage ? nothing.

inspired by Axioo Photography ;)

behind the scene photos (taken by our guide, Mr. Kadek Wira, thank you !)



  1. what a beautiful picture..
    finally i recognize u from the bebe name..coz ur email is pwincess bebe n ur blog is bebelicious so when i read ur email i forgot from which blog u are..hehe..

    hopefully u'll make it to come to d party...we'll continue our chit chat at email key ^_^

  2. lovely couple and beautiful photos.. yea in bali people are carefree.. :)


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