Little Black Dress never goes wrong.

I can't wait for Sunday to come,
will be off to Bali for my pre wedding photo shoot
after delayed it few times.

Wow, next March i'll be a wife.
Still can't believe it.



  1. love the simplicity of this look . the black heels surely dress this LBD much more .

    have fun in ur pre-wed photos ! you're already a great photographer, let's see how you look with another photographer taking ur photos ! happy & safe trip to you and ur future man :D

  2. oh btw . congratz on being featured as look of the day at PopSugar !
    here's the link if you wanna see it

  3. wow, finally u're going to married! can't believe it, u still look cute at your age and now you become a wife! hehhehe. i'm really happy for you darlingg! =)

  4. You rawkk my world! i love this LBD photosession. Loving it so much!! Congrats for to be wife moment. Wishing you all the best, bebe! <333

    ps: i think i saw you once at SUTOS at somekinda st nite.. you with your friends. hope i can greet you Hello, next time i see you. <3

  5. wew..keren and sexy,be...waaa maret ya married??whooaaa...

  6. @michelle : thanks a bunch dear for your sweet comments. i already visited your blog, it's a cool blog. i love your style ;)

    @Uung : thank you Uungg .. iya Maret hehehe

    @myrrh goldframe : sure.. just call me next time you see me ;D and thankss for your sweet comments

    @Devi : thank you so much dearrr ..

    @Rock-Chique : thank youu

  7. love the LBD on you! you look amazing! i'm happy for you! you'll be the most beautiful bride on march <33


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