I love you, Mr. Wang

Inspired by Alexander Wang's old collection.
I still think he's one of the best designer ever !

i went rafting at Kasembon Rafting, South Malang last week.
I was so afraid and panicked, but surprisingly, it makes me want to do it again.
i'll go with Ichi next vacation ;)

ps : forgive my silly face, lol.



  1. wahhhh.. still look gorgeous even rafting? fuhhh... :)

  2. Hey there, got stumbled upon ur blog through Christine's..Luv it :)

    I once did rafting in Ubud Bali, got thrown out from the raft > < I seriously thought I was gonna die, but ended up safe, and lost of bruises T.T But still, I wud love to do it again, esp after seeing ur pics,haha..

    PS: agree!! I love Alexander Wang too..

  3. Gorgeous!! I would love to go rafting one day :)

  4. @Erlinda : hahaha thanksss :D

    @Olivia : heyy, thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah i was afraid that i couldn't even smile on any photos. But turned out it was fun !

    @Jami : Thankss Jami .. Yeah, you should try it, soo fuunn !


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