Getting better, yay !


got much better today, so i got back my accessories mood :)
but still no make up. too lazy to put on a compact powder or any make up stuffs,
i was still weak.

Ah, and the red shoes are Paprika from Gojane.
It's the replica of Topshop shoes, i don't care,
i love the color and the studs :)

And this black shield heels are from Gojane too.
I know it's a bit late to buy 'em,
they're so last season.
But who cares :p

Blue plaids jumper from H20 Clothing; Red studded heels from Paprika



  1. Nothing like going shopping, buy new shoes or handbags to help cure any work pressure or whatever.
    Wow! Thats a beautiful pair of shoes and nice red.
    Looks a real sky scraper heels too.
    Bet you'll turn heads being seen with it.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. lho be,km g jd beli sg architectural shoes, sg hak'e kotak gt n bolong tengahe ya?

  3. hey those shoes are WOW!! and that play suit is so cute! haha, saw your cute photos on LB ^^


  4. Wow wow wow I love the red one!!!Perfect!

  5. @ Uncle Lee : thank youu :) and thanks for visiting !

    @ Uung : engga Ungg ..

    @ finesa : thank you dear ..

    @ pigtails and blushing cheeks : thank you for visiting, i'll stop by at yours too


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