Midnight At The Museum 2

I went to watch Midnight At The Museum 2 last night with my hubby, Victor, Ichi, Cie Cus and Ko Budi.
The movie was, hmmm .., not bad. But i prefer the first one than the sequel.
And this is what i wore (excuse my chubby cheeks)

Checked jacket; black tee; black high waist jeans; brown gladiator heels, blue drawstring bag




  1. sip kok rambut curly nya...coba dibuat blonde pst lbh seru..kyk christina aguilerra..hehhee

  2. Your hair looks really good!
    I love your outfit aswell.

    How do I follow your blog? I can't seem to find out how for some reason.. x

  3. @Alana : You could submit it from your blogger dashboard i think :D
    And thank youu

    @Uung : hahaha, aku ga cocok rambut warna Ungg


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