"Back to 80's", he said.

I finished the shirt 2 days ago in an hour, after abandoned it for 2 moths or more :p
i was too lazy and busy, but then i remembered about the shirt,
and started to do it or else i would never finish it.
And then i did the leggings which inspired by American Apparel leggings,
i think i have to ripped it more, but for now it's enough.

I felt wonderful yesterday, even though i was so tired cause i had to work since 7am,
which as i said before, i'm so not a morning person,
but thanks to my outfit that had brightened my day.
And then when some guys saw me at mall after i watched Angels & Demons last night,
one of them said "back to 80's" lol.
I mean, i don't know much about 80's fashion, since i was too young to enjoy fashion at 80's.
All i know about 80's fashion are studded, headband, baggy pants, Madonna, big curly hair, neon colors, sneakers and colorful leggings,
so i don't know which part of me that reminded him of 80's fashion.
Any clue people ?

DIY shredded tee; DIY ripped leggings; Oxford ankle boots



  1. This outfit rocks. You suit leggings and oversized tee's lots because of your petite frame! You should embrace that instead of being sad!

    Back to the 80s! Im also too young, but they wore alot of neon's and pinks, and leggings!
    You look fabulous, my new style icon. x

  2. i've already link u alright..
    keep in touch

  3. aw .?
    how to make shredded t.shirt in the middle .?
    lol .
    anw .
    i've already link u on several weeks ago .
    sorry if its too late to tell u .


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