I got really annoyed to the fact that i can't sleep in normal hour.
I really want to get up early in a great mood and fresh body and mind,
but i never could since mostly i always sleep at 2AM.
I hate my dark and swollen under eye.
Do you know how to solve this freakin' insomnia ??

Today i wore my new boho blouse which i bought for only IDR 60.000 at Tunjungan Plaza 2 days ago when i hung out with Andrew and Yuni.
The shoes are my other baby from Gojane.
My hubby like it more, he hates the other shoes, cause he thinks the heels are horribly high.
I love them both like i love all my other shoes :p
But this one is more comfortable and wearable.
I could wear it and went shopping without any pain from the shoes.

My next project are body chains and feather head band.
Can't wait !!



  1. spatuwnya lucu :>
    bbebe makin cantik *hugs

  2. sepatunya bagus2!!kereeenn!!!
    btw, itu yg beli di belle emge bisa via online ya??km lgs beli d sana ato pesen ol??

  3. waaaaaaaaaaa
    ak ya syuka ma spatu ini xD

  4. why'd da headline are Vampire Be?
    Boho it's like Bohemian d'yaa?

  5. Bebe, masuk LOOKS neh, hehe.. Congrast babe!! Kok ga diposting di blog artikelnya? Hehe

  6. baru liat blog kamu....seneng deh liat gayanya! luv ur shoe collections! biasanya kalo beli di gojane ongkirnya kena berapa yah? gw lg napsir beberapa sepatunya...keren2!


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