I finished put on the chains on my slashed jeans last night.
I love the final look, it looks very grunge.
I think i have to put on more chains, it's too few.
The bad thing about it is that i have to be really careful when i put it on,
i already broke the chains a few times this morning, lol.

And, this is my lunch today.
Frozen yoghurt with strawberry, peach and kiwi toppings from J.Co.
Finally we got frozen yoghurt here in Surabaya.
Although it's not as fancy and as interesting as Sour Sally or other frozen yoghurt store in Jakarta,
but it's good enough for me now.
Hmm, yummy :D

Oh, and i changed the layout and the banner. Love the new color, so fresh.



  1. eh keren tuh slashed jeansnya!!!gimana cara buat'e ya??hehehe trus rantai'e apa g nyantol2??hahaha

  2. Hi,,,nice blog!!! Kalo ada yg bilang blognya niru ini niru itu, diemin aja kaliii, buat apa capek2 kita layanin orang gituan, mendingan pikiran kita kembangin buat posting di blog, dri pada ngelayanin yg gituan, chayoo...semangatttt!! Jangan drop gara2 yg gituan, o yaa frozen youghurt nya enak tuh, hehehehehe. Satu lagi, ur style = gorgeouss rock!!!!!

  3. again, be, kamu buka butik aja.

    slashed jeansnya keren bangett darl :)


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