My photography day

I did my 2nd photo hunting a couple days ago with Icen, Ichi, Ko Charles, ko Reynald and Goldy.
I did the make up and the concept was boho, my current favorite look.

result :
photo by : Irene (CLICK)

And these pictures are captured and edited by me

i'm still far from perfect, and still need to learn so much about photography.
Glad that i have a great friends who help and support me,
so i can reach this level :)
Special thanks to Ko Charles, Icen and Ichi my besty.

(Left to right : Diana the model, Ko Reynald, Ko Charles, Irene aka Icen, Me, Ichi)
What i wore :

Green Assymetric Top : Logos
Legging : Jus D'Orange
Boots : Zara




  1. Bebe...did you also do the hair of the model?? OMG..she looks gorgeous... =)
    Keep up the good work!!!

    btw, do you have any recommendation for doing hair extension di sby ngga??? salon mana yang bagus ya??
    sebentar lg mau balek Indo, maybe I will visit sby and do my hair there...

    thanks ya!

  2. Iya eunice,
    i did the hair too.
    Thank youuuu.

    Ehm, hair extension yang bagus,
    coba di Rota Salon, setahuku rambut dia bagus, pake Hair Plus, tapi memang agak mahal.
    Kalo mau yang harga nya ngga kemahalan tapi kualitas bagus, coba Salon Kirei di seberang Galaxy Mall. Rambutnya bagus dan halus banged :D

    Wah seru yaa, udah mau nya liburan yaa ??

  3. gue suka make up nya ^^..boleh ajak2 nih kalo ada photo hunting lagi =)

  4. eunice :
    ak extention di ALL-IN salon
    baguss :D

  5. hi2...

    thanks to Bebe and Priszcilla buat recommendationnya yah...
    all-in tuh salonnya bebe kan??
    di tempat km,bisa jg ya be...??

    nti de,kalo aku jadi ke sby, aku cari km deh..=)


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