My new baby.

My new baby from Belle shoes came today.
I was stunned by it, it's so unbelievable awesome !!!
Yay !
Thanks to Ade who helped me get the shoes.

And my next wanted shoes was this
Fringe Open Toe Boots from Forever21
It looks very similar to Alexander Wang's shoes this season.
And i heard that it's very comfy !
I'm craving it, craving it, craving it.

And i got another good news,
Natalia said that my Gojane shoes has arrived safely today.
I'll meet my 2 new babies soon :)))))
I'm so freaking happy now.
Although the tax had choked me to death,
it'd cost me a lot T_T,
But that's okay, the important thing is finally i got my dream shoesie xD



  1. whoaaa. spatu nya keereeen !!

  2. be, mau nanya...

    mesen di gojane tax+shipping-nya kena sampe berapa??

    kata kamu tax-nya bikin stress...aku jadi serem sendiri, takutnya malah lebih mahal dari sepatunya nanti...T.T

    oh iya, bayarnya pake paypal ya??

    thanks before ya darlaa ;)

  3. Ran :
    Iya, tax nya lebih mahal dari sepatunya.
    Bener2 bikin bokeg..
    Sepatu ku harga nya +/- 400rebu, tax nya 700rebu..
    bayarnya pake kartu kredit hehe.
    no probs, ur welcome :))

    Diana : love it too hehehe.

    Krystal : yes, me too. Thanks for visiting


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