My Valentine's Day

Hmm ..
Actually there's nothing special 'bout Valentine's Day for me,
except that i really felt the love euphoria was on the air.
Like i said, i don't celebrate it.
And, my boy was out of town too, so, yesterday was really just like any other Saturday for me.

I went to Pakuwon Trade Center with Tine, Dennis and Senko.
Ichi & Jimmy were coming later.
Me and Tine bought another shoes.
I bought one boho brown shoes, and Tine bought two pretty shoes, with an amazing prize.
I could say that it was Tine best buy so far :p
Then, we went to Trimedia, to bought Get Smart DVD for Evan (he's a DVD freak -,-"),
bought tickets for midnite movie (we watched Pink Panther),
after that, we had dinner at Pandan Village.
We ate like we hadn't eat for days, we're so starving so .. we're just like, "forget all the table manners,
just eat !"

Then Jimmy and Ichi came, had chit chat a bit,
then we splitted, Tine-Dennis-Senko went home.
We waited from 10.20pm til 11.50 am,
so damn boring.
So as usual, we killed time with .. photo time :p

After a long-hot-boring hour,
finally, the clock showed 11.30,
we went to restroom, bought some snacks and drinks,
and we're ready for Pink Panther.
It's not as bad as i thought, actually it's funny though.
But maybe cause we're too tired, so it didn't feel that funny.
Even Jimmy fell asleep a few times.

After it, we went home with sleepy and tired eyes, body and mind.

So, that's my boring Valentine's Day ..

Ah, and currently, i'm making shredded tee.
This was the progress so far ..




  1. waduh seru rasae bareng temen2....ya apa pink panthernya? apik ga...apikan mana sama yang pertama?
    sepatu bohoe jadi pengen liat...heheheheheh

  2. finalists have been chosen for the fashion competition & are on the blog now - sorry its 2 days late! things have been a bit chaotic recently!
    <3 Hannah

  3. you're from bali???!
    i'm living here :)

    it's nice to see a fashion blog by someone from the same island :)

    check mine out too, and congrats on the competition @ london rose.!

  4. muka lo ama temen2 lu sama aja ya . muka2 alay. cina2 alay hahaha jelek sumpah

    muka kaya bit*h

  5. halah muke lo kaya suci2 aja..
    sangking najis ny muke lo tuh ame ga brani ks link

  6. gapapa muka kaya bitch, asal bukan bitch beneran kaya yang tuduh2 kita kaya bitch :p

  7. buat si XXX yg gemarnya XXX : ih b*tch jgn teriak b*tch donk.. or u just such a wh*re? a nice person must be still polite eventhough they're on jealous.. (pasti lo ga ngerti kan gue ngmg apa?) disekolahin aja kagak kale lo ama ortu lo.. atau jgn2 gak punya ortu ya? dr komen lo bikin org menduga2 sih.. jgn salahin org laen donk ;)) onlen jg dr warnet kan? hare gene..

  8. Sumpah X km goblok.
    Mamamu pernah blg nggak kalo dia nyesel pnya anak kamu?
    Kalo ak jd mama km dulu,tatenggelemin ke sungai udahan
    Soalnya pasti nyesel banget punya anak idiot,tukang rusuh dan pengecut

  9. bebe, aku suka shredded tee nya loh. boleh tau nga gmn cara bikin nya? kamu pake apa yah? makasih. heheh.

  10. hahahaha... X.ckck..
    sekolah dulu gih, biar ngerti cara ngomong yang bener.


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