Lisa & Christo Wedding party

Yesterday i wore my black jumpsuit.
I was inspired by my stylish friend, Christine.
I like the idea of pair the jumpsuit with blazer,
cause it could hide my fat arms and stomach.
I hate a week before PMS day,
i always get bigger, i always feel hungry all the time,
my boobs feels like gets bigger 2 times, and it hurts all the time,
and not to forget the annoying pimples !

For the day i wore leopard blazer from Dakota Rochdale,
unbranded new brown boho shoes i bought at PTC,
the jumpsuit and gold studded belt.

I went to my cousin wedding party at the night,
but i couldn't go home cause my hair salon kept me busy,
so i didn't change the jumpsuit, but i paired it with black blazer to make a formal look,
and i also paired it with red belt and my black heels.
And i curled my hair, I'm ready for party, yeah.

My cousin was ex model, now she's working as a stewardess at Singapore Airlines, and Ko Christo her husband is a model too. They're the perfect couple !

Love the decoration
I so loved the party !
It was a pretty garden party. I want my wedding to be as pretty as it !
And my cousin and her husband looked awesome ! They're really the stars last night.
I enjoyed everything, except the food and the fact that i didn't sit at all for 3,5 hours.
Because of the party concept, there were rarely chairs and so many guests,
so we're standing almost the whole night T_T

My only chance to sit ! God !

Left picture : Me, Mega (Yudi's girlfriend, Yudi's the bride's youngest brother) and family
Right picture : Me, my grandma, Uncla Wei Nien (the gray suit), Auntie Siu Yang and friend

Us with the bride and groom




  1. The wedding looks beautiful :-) And I love your boho shoes!

  2. i love your shoes

  3. I reaally louve what your wearing here,bebe. ;} And thanks! Yey! I've already added up your link to my site!


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