Finally ..

Finally i got my first leather jacket :D
Silly, but it's so hard to find a great leather jacket in Surabaya.
So, thanks to my dearest Adeline, to helped me buy this jacket.

biker jacket : random
white shirt : Bali's
dark gray legging : random
gladiator heels : random
ring : MNG
bracelets : random

Sorry been disappeared for a while,
got some tough weeks, and it made me too lazy to go online.
For you (yes, you!) who made me this miserable, thank you,
for making me stronger :)




  1. Thanks - I've just linked you back.
    && I just have to say I LOVE this outfit! Especially the top & shoes =)
    ♥ Hannah

    PS: there's a fashion competition on my blog - would you like to enter? all you have to do is enter a pic of one of your outfits. the link to the competition is on my blog in the right hand column x

  2. aw thanks :D
    oh and thanks too for the information. i'll enter it soon ;)

  3. i'm a big fan of lether jacket too! and your jacket looks awesome!


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