otw jemput2. Senko sok jual mahal hehe
i met my pretty bestfriend yesterday :D
Kemarin ke Tunjungan Plaza ama Senko, Ichi and Christine.
Had dinner at Izzi Pizza, photo2, jalan2, photo2 lagi :D hehehe.
I really miss Ichi, and glad we finally met, akhirnya bisa deh foto berdua lagi.
The sad thing was ...
Sepatu Zara yang aku pengen out of stock. Adanya ukuran di atas ku semuah, hiks.

Lagi sibuk mam ...

Akhirnyaa .. bisa foto bersama lagii

candid ! (*maksa)

Foto pake self-timer sampe di liatin pak satpam hehehehe *muach Ichi

Abis pulaangg, mampir bentar di Holland Bakery Kertajaya,
papa nyah Ichi nitip roti.
Beli roti sambil photo2 ;)

Can't wait to see you guys again :D

What i wore

I received my white asymmetric shirt from Frontrow yesterday.
It's cute, although it's not like what i expected, but still, it's cute.
I love how it looks puffy but somehow sexy :D
I feel in love with boho style lately, can't tell you why.

Printed vest : Magnolia by Orange
White asymmetric shirt : Frontrow
Legging : random
Ankle Boots : Booty Chic

Ps : I need a diet program. Help
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