Just some random thoughts

Nothing special happened today ..
Just a simple-boring ordinary Sunday.
I wore my cousin's shirt, legging and my black gladiator shoes.
But i didn't take any picture, too lazy to do anything today.
My special menu for today was ...

Nasi Gandul
I seriously don't know what's behind the name, lol.

And .. Today Enroe called me.
It's been a while since we met (2006),
so it's nice when we finally could talk and ridiculed things just like we used to be.
He was my friend from elementary school, Kristus Radja and my ex on my early 20, last 2005.
My relationship with him was a short one, just about 2 months or something, but it was sweet.
He's a nice guy (at least for me :p), smart and patience.
And even after we broke up, we never went through "i-hate-you-you-hate-me" phase. We were friends before we became couple, a great friend to each other during the relationship, still a good friends after the break up hope will always be friend for, like, f o r e v e r :)
I used to spend lots of my time with him and his friends,
but after he graduated and go back to Bali (yes we're both from Bali), i only met him about 2 times when i went home to Bali.
So, yes, i miss him a lot.
So eventhough i couldn't meet him and we only spoke through phone, it was a sweet reunion :)
Glad that he lives a great life, he even said that he's getting fatter (hehehe).
By the time i finished writing this, he probably is on his way back to Bali, see you soon Bli hehehe.

And .. today i promised myself, not to be a selfish-jealousy girl.
I'm tired of those feelings actually.
I'll live my life simple. Hate and jealousy are no need. If he's mine, if he REALLY loves me, then he'll be back to me with his true heart. And if he doesn't then he's not mine to have. Just as simple as that. I won't bugging around like a childish girl, sad and grumbling all the time anymore. I don't care, I'll just wait and see what God's plan for me.




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