I feel butterfly on my stomach, i feel L O V E ♥

i bought this cute shoes yesterday at GAP Kids, Tunjungan Plaza while i went shopping with Christine and her friends.
Yesterday was .... AMAZING, Christine knows why :p

And today ... was way more amazing than yesterday. I was like, WHOA, my heart flip flops, jumps ups and downs, i was so happy, i'm so in ♥

Tie Dye Shirt : Bali's, a gift from Ichi (thanks dear ..)
Pink Belt : Cherry Chan
Zipper Pants : H2O
Flat Shoes : GAP
Headband : DIY
Bow Necklace : DIY




  1. ADUHHHH bagussss amattt kaosnyaaaaa...ntar di bali beli aaahhhhh..heheheheheh

  2. hehehehe ... iyaaa ... ada yg model dress tine .. cc mo beli buat kita kembar, tapi ga sempet :'(


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