Today ..
nothing special, just as boring as my usual Sunday.
Currently ...
doing :

Windows Live Messenger-ing
feeling :

missing him and craving for his silky touch :)
(photo credits : Le Love)
reading :

(for the third times, lol.)
listening :

Secondhand Serenade - Your Call

me eating Pocky
wearing :
What i wore today.

My lunch was only these miserable snacks.
My hair salon was on it busy day today, maybe it's because tomorrow is Chinese New Year day,
so everybody wants to get themselves a great look for tomorrow.
Me myself, hasn't get any new hair style, and not planning to have one too,
and sadly, i haven't got any new clothes for tomorrow. Crab.

sorry for the bad image, i took it with my cell phone camera.
too lazy to get my digicam from my bag hehe.




  1. love the shirt...& pocky is truly orgasmically delicious! ha :]


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