Christmas Eve Party

Day :

on the way
Went to buy gifts with Ichi, Tine and Senko at Tunjungan Plaza.
We had lunch at Hachi Hachi Bistro first,
finally i ate the yummy Spicy Udon :D

the yummy Spicy Udon

tandas abiss

nyam nyam

Night :

the dress code was red for girls and white for boys
Dinner and Uno time at Amore Cafe :)
The loser wore the silly deer or minny ears headband, heart shaped glasses and red shawl hahahaha.

Evan kalah pertama kali, trus giliran Mila. Mila looks cuteee !

my cousin yang ganteng banged hehehe

Mila kalah lagi

Andrew yang keliatan nya malah bangga pake those stuffs hahaha
The first winner picked the gift first (FYI I'm the first winner :p muahahaha),
and so on.
Then after dinner and games, we opened the gifts.
(We agreed that the gift value must be IDR 25.000)

semua pada semangat buka kado :)

kado HIT dari Mila muekekeke
So ..
Here's the gifts.

the froggie-bank is mine

see you two next year .. gonna miss you both !
After that, me, Evan, Ichi and Mila moved to other's cafe, where Ko Budi and friends waited for us. The cafe was Ko Budi friend's.
We played another Uno sessions with Ko Budi, Jie Susan, Ko Alim and Jie Tjin2.
And like before, the loser had to wear those silly stuffs hehehe.
The first loser was Jie Cus, then Ko Alim, then Mila and the last was .. Ichi hehehe.
And i proudly announce that i never lose AT ALL in those games HOHOHO.
*sok tengil*

introducing : Ko Alim and Jie Tjin2

Mila yg kalah lagi .. hehehe

and Ichi ! hehehe

One thing annoyed me that night,
I look so fat and chubby, i look like piggy !

Red Cardigan
Dorothy Perkins Zipper-Back Ruffles Dress
Black Tights
Ankle Boots
Black Bracelets and Necklaces
Butt .. nevermind, i can always diet whenever i want :p
Andd .. tomorrow i'll be heading to Bali ..
Another holiday.
I can't wait to meet my mom, my brothers and sisters.
Bali, wait for meee :))

So, see you all next year :))
wish you all happy holiday,
and have a Happy New Year.
May next year we get all the joy and happiness the world can give.




  1. merry x-mas..
    sorry back after long journey from hiatus..hehheheheehuehue

  2. Hi! I adore your blog, and I was wondering if you would check out my blogs and tell me what you think?

    Thanks and happy holidays!

    - M

  3. wow!!!
    Seru banget ya pestanya buk!
    Gila tuh temen2 kamu pada kompak banget! Pada mau pakai dresscode! Trus
    topinya juga lucu Tuh ankle boots beli dimana keren!

  4. merry xmas to u all :D
    and M thanks for visiting me. i already checked out ur blogs and dropped comments :)
    eve : iyaa, untung temen2ku pada mau di bully hahaha xD


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