Back !

Hello all,
been missing for a while, and now i'm back ! :D

i went to The Used yesterday,
and i bought these stuffs,
and guess what, the price was above IDR 50,000,- !!!

Sweater for only IDR 45,000

Polkadot tulip skirt for only IDR 25,000

[M]Phosis Blouse for only IDR 15,000
I was like WOW !
I'll go back asap, i want to hunt another sweater.
I fell in love with sweater after i saw some chictopians,
and also the coolest Camille, from Childhood Flames wearing it.
And ...
I bought these cute things too :))

I was on the lowest mood level lately,
my life was so suck.
I'll be back with the fresh cheerful me,
wish me luck :))




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