November 4th

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We did photo session at the railway,
with Christine as our model.
We took it at the railway near Pasar Atum,
we thought we won't allowed, but thank God,
the railway guard gave us the permit easily.
He just told us to be careful.
The place was dirty and smelly, plus
we saw 3 trains passed right next to us,
it's scary yet interesting experience :))

The pictures from the photo shoot day
(there's a lot of my narcissism pictures,
hope y'all won't get bothered by it :p)

Christine, i did the make up

on the way

the photographer

the model and me

After the photo session, we went to De Boliva Gubeng,
for lunch and another photo session.

I looked pale and dark that day,
i was still on a face treatment for my stupid pimples,
and i only sleep for about 6 hours.
I was really tired. Idk why, my insomnia is getting worse lately.

on the way to De Boliva, i look pale

me and her

we both look "kumus kumus" LOL

my cousin

Ah, and i just did my very-first-time waxing the day before !
I did under arm and bikini wax.
I felt like 100 hundreds people slap me at the same time when
they did the bikini wax. Gosh !
I sweated all over my body.
But the result was A M A Z I N G !!
And i want to do it again :p




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