Leopard Jumpsuit by aDDorable

what i wore today

Leopard Jumpsuit : aDDorable by Adeline; Gold bangle : Cherry Boutique; Gray Pumps : Nine West

i bought the gray shoes yesterday at Tunjungan Plaza multifunction hall, at the 70% discount corner.
It's quit a luck, cause i was craving for gray shoes after i saw VIVI Magazine's models wore it, and based on the magazine, gray pumps are one of the IT shoes this fall.
So, this is my new cute gray shoes. I know, I know, it's so last year, but who cares, i love it hehe.



  1. hahaha. aku juga lagi nyari gray shoes ni. tapi lom nemu yg sreg di hati :D

    by the way. aku juga beli gold suede shoes nya nine west luoh paz fashion bazaar kemaren di TP

  2. hehahehuehue .. emang discount an tempat menemukan harta karun terpendam ya Dee ... hehehe


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