Day 5, The Last Night @ Jakarta

I didn't take any picture on day 4,
My mood got ups and downs during the trip,
and it got worst on the 4th day.
My problems sucked me up.
So ..
let's go to day 5 :p

before we started the day :) and yes, i look too skinny, i admit it, i look ugly and weird.
We went to Senayan City,
lunch at Kafe Betawi,
then me, Juan, Ichi, Adeline and Fonny waded to STC,
to Mitchybell and Closet Queen.
I didn't buy ANYTHING accept books from the first day i came,
i promised to Ichi, i won't spend my money for clothes or shoes cause i was too lavish this month.
But !!!!!
After we went there, even Ichi couldn't stand it and we broke our promise together hahaha.
I bought black leather clutch on Mitchybell,
studded skirt and jodphur pants on Closet Queen with great price :D
After that we ate at Hoka Hoka Bento,
and lots of pictures ..

at Juan's car, on the way to Sency

@ Kafe Betawi

with my beloved Adeline

with my dearest Fonny

And, we took some last silly pictures at our room,
teman2ku yang BAIK despised me by copied my style on this picture.
and the result was these, muahahaha, i hate you guys.
(i really hate Juan ! LOL)
our silly poses :) gonna miss this moment a lot.

and my last night with him .. gonna miss you a lot, B.

the blue doll was my beauty sleep savior.





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