Another great start

Good morning :)

Another day had passed by,
and today i woke up with another sweet start.
Still because of another sweet sms from Dora,
another "rise and shine" sms that still made me smile after i read it.
B had sent me this through MMS this morning.

He wanted his "Tante" to smile and cheer up today with what he called "senyum di pagi hari" :) Thanks I will.
And Dora, i'll rise and shine too :D i'll annoy you with lots of sms today just like what i always do hehehe.

And, another great start was ..
my friend said to me that "Twilight" The Movie will be on midnight theater TOMORROW !!!
Yay, finally ! I can't wait much longer for it.

So once again everyone,
have a nice day :)))




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