What i wore yesterday ..

was when i realized i loss 3 kilograms on only a few days.
Really, it's like both miracle and curse, i enjoyed it but also hated it. It scared me.
It's funny, how i've tried many things, but ended up that broken heart was the answer to get a skinny body, lol.
My grams hates it, she's angry at me cause she thinks i'm too skinny now. She said i looked like a living skeleton. I was too pale and dull.
Hmm ..

So i wore more black, to out shine my skin tone.
Then suddenly i got an idea for a lady rock look.
So, i paired it with leopard blazer, studded belt and ankle boots.

Leopard blazer : Dakota Rochdale; Black shirt : Faeriedae; Zipper black skinny : H2O; Black ankle boots : Nine West

What do you think ??



  1. haiii .. lam kenal~~
    yup .. bener banget tuhh , sakit ati bisa bikin kurus ( baru ngalamin juga )


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