what i wore today

Again, i'm sorry for the bad image, i still haven't charge my digicam battery :p
I think I'm getting skinnier day by day. I didn't eat much lately, didn't have any mood for it.
Too much things in my head made me forget about eat and food things.
But the good thing is i'm skinnier and i'm enjoying it every minute of it, since that i'd tried this and that to get the skinny body and i'd always fail.

I wore my zipper skinny jeans again today, Mango printed tee and Gaudi vest.
Boyish, boyish, i love boyish look.

AND, still no good progress in my love life .. So, i'm still in a bad mood,
which means, i'll be more and more skinnier.

Ah, i currently watching Beverly Heels 90210.
At first, i think it's a boring film series, but after i reached third episode,
i started to enjoying it.
I'll continue it tonight :)

Have a nice day everyone ..



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