Today ........


I woke up at 10am,
with bad mood, cause i couldn't sleep well,
and because someone called "B" who ruined my days.

My mood got better after the breakfast.
We ate bacon and steamed egg, yummy.
Then i took a bath, then me and my hubby went to MOG, Malang's newest Mall.

I bought these on Pretty Accecories :

1. Silver Bracelet IDR 27.900; So Boho !!
2. Black and pink thick plastic bracelets@ IDR 7.900; For Punk look.
3. Starry Ashley Olsen Headband look a like IDR 9.900; Super CUTE !
4. Same headband for Ichi
5. Black and pink thin plastic bracelets @ IDR 7.900; For Punk look :p

Cheap and Chic !

After walked here and there, we went to Excelso Cafe,
it's my treat, so he's so happy, just like always if it's my turn to treat him, and insulted me all the time, and make fun of me, lol. Just so Evan Budiman :D
Ah, there's a free Wi-Fi there. Today was my first time MSN chatting on cell phone.
I'd never interested to online and MSN chatting on the cell phone, after i tried it today, i stick with my opinion, i'm not interested. It's weird and difficult to type MSN conversation on the phone. I wanted to say many things, but the type thing frustrated me, so i gave up.

The Sampler, Frapio Chocolate Chips for me, and Frapio Cookies & Cream for him

And then we went home, 'cause he got some work stuffs to do.


We went to her mom's restaurant for dinner,
then we went karaoke at Nav just the 2 of us fpr 2 hours, full.
We sang a lot of songs until our voice huskied, hehehe.

My favorite song : Rihanna - Take A Bow
His favorite song : Yovie & The Nuno - Janji Suci.
As always he sing it for me :)

After that we went back to the restaurant to picked up his parents,
and went home ..

What I Wore Today,

Another mess i made in his room

A casual outfit. Printed tee - Vest - Knee Length Pants ( i rolled it up) - Boot Strap Gladiator.
Ah, i colored my nails to shocking pink ! It's VOV's.

And .. I pronounced the famous little pillow :p
Ask Ichi 'bout it.
It's my heirloom pillow, i can not sleep without it !
See it's dirty ! But i love it to death !




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