Pretender song ...

The Click Five - I'm Getting Over You
I found your picture in my wallet
Still got your sweater in my closet
I'll bring 'em by
Maybe tonight

And people asking how I'm doing?
But every question still has you in
I say I'm fine
And I never think about you
But you're always on my mind
I've been playing all the songs you hated
I called the girl I almost dated
She's not the one
But I'm having fun
And I'm better off without you
And I think it's what I want

Even if it takes forever
I'll get my shit together
I've been doing be so much better
I'm getting over you
I'm getting over you most of the time
If I say it like I mean it
Then maybe I'll believe it like it's true
I'm getting over you
I'm getting over you




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