October 13th

Printed Loose Shirt : forgot; Black Vest : Gaudi; Black Skinny : Mango; Boots : Zara; Bag : Sugar Look
Went to Pasar Atum Mall,
to buy studded belt like Christine's.
It's only IDR 50.000, cheap and chic :D
And the went to watched Body Of Lies at night, with friends.
I don't like it, especially the leonardo's broken nails scene, it's too sadistic for me.

It's not my best day, actually it might be one of the worst.
Me and my hubby got a huge fight, and we broke up.
I couldn't sleep, cried a lot, just slept for maybe 4 hours.
I was so sad, but thank God, i have my cute friends and B.
Thanks again, for accompanied me in my bad time. I'm so grateful, God sent you all to me.

We're good now, we talked, and although i still can not really over the fight, although i can not forgive him 100%, i think I'm fine now. I don't know how or what the future bring us, i'll just follow the flow. If he really is my other half, then be it, God will lead us back together.




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