My Girls Night Out

Went to Surabaya Town Square last yesterday,
with Mila and Yuni.
We ate at Malaysian Village,
Tom Yum Seafood Soup, Rose BBQ Chicken (if I'm correct) and Kangkung Saus Belacan (again, if I'm correct).
Yummy foods.

Then we continued walking around and ended up at Dome Cafe at 10.30 pm,
it felt nice, cause it's been so long we didn't get time to gathered like this.
I miss them, especially Mila, she's been very busy until she forget me (HUH! :p).

I love my girl friends, there are so many ups and downs, happiness and sadness, but i always know that i will still have them though.

Mila's Ice capuccino, Yuni's mineral water and my orange juice.
We didn't drink too much and didn't order snack cause we're sooo full.


ada bule nyempil di belakang :p




  1. uhm,,skali2 luangin waktu buat temen2 kayanya ide bgs jg tuh!
    nice & cozy place yeah,,
    makanya gw heran knp gk pasang yg baru aj lo,scr Jennfr punya album baru,ud punya eniway?
    gk bkl rugi soale ad 13 track gt loh,cb dgrin juga yang the Calling, broken things[mellow bgt!], bloom..


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