I Want These Stunning Shoes

Should i buy it or Not ??
Craving, craving, craving ..

Actually i was looking for this studded Collin Stuart Boots,

But turned up, i found this cute shoes. Nooo ..
Help, pengen hujan uang.

(PS : M, mo ikut2an pengen Colin Stuart juga ???)

Photo credits : Ebay, Victoria Secret



  1. finally i found u again Bebe..i was lost with ur link Sizta!!
    u put my link,but u r not told me yet ur nu link.,

    hmm..u should buy those shoes if u want it most!

  2. Bebe Said:
    (PS : M, mo ikut2an pengen Colin Stuart juga ???)
    hahahahaha sukanya ikut"an deh
    malesssss XD
    C maaf ni ankle bootsmu ga jadi" kyknya minggu depan jadi tapi huhuhux
    i'm sorry


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