Me, Ichi and Runa went to BLOWFISH last Saturday,
to ROTA Academy Graduation Show. Actually I didn't know it's Rota's Show,
I just knew Aji would be there. I just wanted to watch Aji's live perform :D

But ended up, i enjoyed the hair show. The hairdos and make ups was awesome.
They're very creative and talented.
I didn't take any picture, I was so tired, we stood during the show.

Butt, i took many Aji's pictures :p
I forgot all the tiredness, i was so excited watch him alive!
He' s so funny, humble, cheerful and his style was amazing.
He wore white shirt, black vest and tie, washed jeans and keds.
And with his big curly hair and his big glasses as his trademark.
I love you Aji ! Hahaha.

Dia lagi waved audience.

backing vocal nya yang cowo keren juga tuh ... :p

Kembaran nya si Aji, cuman kurang kribo doank, lol.

His first song was I'm Yours, Jason Mraz's song. And he sang it sooo well.
This is the video, i didn't record full of it, cause it's too hot, and we decided to go to rest room.

Us, the narcist :p
me with Runa

Aiishi and Runa

Aiishi, Me and Carol. (She's one of the model that night)
Kata Ichi, bulu matanya kek genting hahahaha. *peace Carolll* :p

Then ..
Us with Aji at the backstage

Me on the way home ..

Well, i felt really tired last Saturday ..
But the good side was, i gained some weight, yay.

(PS : Buat M, ga ikutan ke BF, foto ama artis ?? Biasanya ikutan mulu kan ?? :p)




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