Some Photo Of Photo Cutes ..

Photo Cute

Here are some photos from my last photo session on Photo Cute.
It was taken by Mas Aryo.
The others that taken by Om Jhonny, kata Anez belum jadi ..
I must admit that i look like a fat pinky pig here .. I seriously need a diet program.
Even Ichi, whom always says that i'm not fat, yesterday when she looked at my pictures, she said that i look chubby. Nuuuuuu x(
I think getting easily fat is one of the worst part of being me.

White top : Zara
Stripy top : Faeriedae
Puffy pants : Zara
Purple Skull Loose Shirt : Zara
Legging : Jus D'Orange
Zipper boots : Zara
Strapy Heels : Charles & Keith
Batik puffy dress : Anez dress, thanks Anez ..




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