lazy day

too lazy to do anything ...
aku flu hari ini. ingusan terus, bete.
anyway, i'm now enjoying Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Buat yang kangen Harry Potter, novel ini boleh lah mengobati, not as spectacular as Mr. Potter, but it's good enuff. Apalagi buat yg suka cerita fiksi yang imajinatif.

top : ZARA
jeans : BEBE
Shoes : Charles & Keith
This is what i wore on September 1st, on my date.
I wore my new Zara shirt, so casual, but i think it's kewl. I bought it because of LULU CHANG, she often wears the similar shirt as it.
I went (again) to Zara, with my boyfriend, the couple Andrew - Yuni, my brother Senko, his girlfriend Christine and her sister.
I tried some pants, skirts and clothes, but this purple shirt and dark blue mini skirt really made me fall in love. I'll buy it next week. I have to save more money for Nine West shoes, huhuhu.
Oh and, so many cool shoes on ZARA, but i can't buy it now, NOOO. x(



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