My Beauty Kit

And so, this is my personal beauty kit, not the one that i use for work :D
Don't expect something wow or expensive on my beauty kit, cause i'm not a branded girl hehehe. I use any brand, the expensive ones or the cheap ones as long i like it, blend good on my skin and not causing any allergic. But i can tell that i'm a VOV addict, i don't know why, i love VOV products, you can find many VOV here and there in my beauty kit.

the eye

I'm an eye liner addict, i have some pencil and liquid eye liners from Bourjois, Oriflame, VOV and Kanebo. For eye shadow, i only use 1, the dark purple from VOV to create natural smokey eyes. I love smokey eyes, but i think for everyday, it'll look too much if i wear black, since i have pale skin tone. Uhm, and there is eyebrow razor, eyebrow pencil, eye concealer from Revlon and fake eye lashes from Andiyanto (my fave !). Ah, the gold one is gold eye liner from VOV, you should buy it, it will rock your face instantly !

the face 1

Compact powder, shading, blush on-s ( i have pink, peach and orange), they're VOV, LaTulipe, Etude and Maybelline.

the face 2

Base make up, foundations, concealers and sponge from Revlon, Maybelline, Laneige and Oriflame. I have some foundations and concealers for different occations. Actually there are some moisturizers too, (i'm a moisturizer addict) but i don't put the moisturizers on my beauty kit, i'll photo it and post it here someday.

the brushes

Some useless eye brushes, cause i still haven't have much eye shadows, but i will, soon. Eyebrow brushes and lip brushes.

the others

little things to help me make a perfect make up :)

And if you wondering where's the lipstick are, i will post it tomorrow, cause the lipsticks are on other bag, they have their own bag, cause my beauty kit is too small. I think i'm gonna need a bigger one. I'll buy it soon, and more eye shadows too.



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