Be Ready For Punk, Girls.

Grab your purse and go get yourself punk stuffs, for Punk Style will be a HIT really really soon, based on which seems to be a really good news for me, since i'm a huge fans of Punk fashion.

"Release your rock roots after this season's floral love affair with Punk Couture as anarchy makes a welcome returns to our wardrobes. Loosening punks rebellious roots, tailored jackets and trousers combine with flashes of traditional tartan, the ubiquitous studding, sexy leopard print and sexy silhouette. Oversized, soft checked coats in hairy yarn and intarsia mohair knits give Punk Couture a modern edge with black leather, flat front tapered jeans and snake skin skinnies epitomise the punk look."
(The image and article is from They're here just for some commenting reason, no commercial reason.)

Whoa, just can't wait !



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