Mary-Kate is on Elle July 2008.
Hmm i always wondering why media loves her more than Ashley ??
Well, don't get me wrong, I love her, love some of her styles, but there are times that i don't like her gesture, her lips, her skinny body ( c'mon, admit it she's too skinny ), and her oh-so-quirky fashion sense. Sometimes i just can't tolerate what she wears, it's too quirky, she's just too .. WEIRD ?! Just so curious why most of what she wears become a big trend. Sorry for MK's fans, but i just so don't get it hahaha.

“I don’t know—you’re either on the worst-dressed list or you’ve started a fashion trend. I think there’s a real disconnect between the media’s perception of fashion and the fashion world’s idea of fashion. I don’t know why I wear some of the things I wear. I like wearing crazy things sometimes. I like being playful. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing dress-up and becoming a character. It’s sort of like an art. It can change your mood or the way that people are attracted to you.” - Mary-Kate

so, you decide, love her or hate her ?




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