i didn't post any interesting topic lately, i realize it. i feel so bored, blank, and so not in the mood everyday. i don't even take my narcissism pictures, it's weird.

maybe it's because my diet. i know that it's so bad for doing yo-yo diet like what i'm doing now. i want to be skinny, as skinny as i can be, but sometimes, i really wants to eat more than anything. i really feel this eating disorder really starts to killing me. but somehow, when i see myself on a mirror and see how skinny i'm now, i get more interest to continue this bad-weird eating disorder. yes, i really think this is why i feel so blank, not in the mood, and faint lately.

but how can i stop ?? pffh .. i want to reach 40 kilograms ! and now it's still about 43 or 44.

ah, by the way,
i read that the famous pretty vintage girl from Atlanta, US, Liebe Marlene will be appear in Lucky Magazine on this August. Lucky Magazine knew her from her cute-amazing blog and store, they interested at her and decided to made her teh Lucky Girl Of The Month. As we all know, she's a dress maker and has a vintage clothing and accecories dealer called Rhiannon Lifheit. She's the muse of most of vintage dress maker. I think babySASH is one of it. And actually, the first time i know Liebe was from babySASH too. Although i'm not really into vintage feminine dress, i really love her dresses, how she mixes & matches the dress is always amazed me. No wonder Lucky Mags chose her, she's so inspiring.

Such an example of great girl with great life, great personality, great body and great fashion sense. So way far from me, the weight-insecure lady =.= i have to change my habit !!! aargh.




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