How to Get MK's BOHO Hair Style

For MK fans out there, especially my dearest friend, Adeline, here's some tips to get your cool MK's boho hair ... Enjoy !

NOTE: This process is even easier if you have curly or wavy hair

1. You can give yourself "boho" hair with any cut, really. The only vital rule is that you need a few layers! This applies to guys too, if any of you are interested. Let your hair air-dry for the most part, avoid whipping out the blow dryer, you dont want that much volume!

2. If you happen to have a hair appointment in your near future, I suggest you ask for a few highlights. Don't go too dramatic -- remember, you want this to look natural.

3. No combs or brushes are allowed! Use your hands where you would normally use a comb or brush. Once again, avoid the blow dryer. Keep it natural and free-flowing.

4. When your hair is damp, or even dry, add some styling wax or pomade, anything of the sort to your hair -- applying from the root to the tips. For guys, just the root and the tip. If your hair is full of volume naturally? Try weighing it down using more product to not look so "diva."

5. Add some extra hold hairspray, aerosol-style. Use your hands to scrunch pieces of hair, even tease a couple pieces to achieve messiness.

6. Once you've achieved YOUR desired look, use your hands to part the middle of your hair and you should be all good to go!


If you have straight hair, teasing usually works best rather than a curling iron or some sort. Try keeping the electric items out of the way!

Dress up your hair with a hippie-headband wrapped around your forehead, or maybe add a couple braids in there from the middle to the tip of your hair. Play around with this!





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