flare pants.

Next i want this Hilary Duff flare pants !! It's not that i'm getting bored of skinny jeans, but hey, this pant looks cute isn't it ? And the fact that it can make us look higher by hiding our high heels in it, is cool, lol.

isn't it cuteeeeeeeeee ??? i want it, i want it, i want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but before it, i have to buy hi strap gladiator sandals !! me wants it so bad !

anyway, i just got home from movie, i watched Hancock. Uhm .. The story went smoothly great at first, but when it reach the part which explained who is him, his past and his love life, the story getting non sense. I hate the ending, weird. But overall, Will Smith is great as always, and Charlize Theron is soo HOT (despise her wrinkles :p). Ah, and i'm so happy i can meet my bf already, he's here in town now (: what a happy day.



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