Bronze Sexy Lady for the last photoshoot

As i promise, here i post my make up creation for Clover Photography. The first idea was a beach girl, but i changed my mind and create this sexy GANGURO look instead a sweet beach girl because i thought my sister more fit for sexy lady image than sweet girl.

I'm using SAX bronzer for hand, neck, chest and the face. Bronze, dark brown and off white on the eyes, ah, and also sweet purple for under eye. Nude for lips, and shimer on nose bone and cheek bones. The idea of purple on the under eye was to give some youth and fun aura on the look, cause i think she'll look old if i only use bronze and brown on the whole face.

We took the pictures on Pantai Ria Kenjeran. We found some great spots that looked sooo great on the pictures. I enjoyed it so much. Thank God the weather sustained us, 'though it was so hot and my hair became saucer after it, but it's ok, the make up was great (i think), the pictures are beautiful, we worked hard and it's worth it.

I thought i'll get sunburn for the accidentally sun-bathing (for the fact that i didn't use sunblock), i thought it'd be so cool to get tanned skin, but what can i say, i didn't get darker at all. Too bad. Ok, enough for now, I'll surely post the pictures right after we finish re-touch it.

Black Vest : Princesse
White Shirt : my DIY stuff
Black Tank Top : Forgot where i buy it
Short Jeans : Ribbon Shop
Sunnies : MNG

C ya !




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