Ashley Olsen on CFDA Fashion Awards, June 2008

Hope y'all won't get boring with my Olsen reviews. I just adore Ashley so much ( and sometimes, MK too ), so i cannot stop check out their latest news or their fashion styles and post what interested me here.

It might be so late to post it here, since this event was on last June, but hey, this is my blog, i can do whatever i like :p hahaha. Though some people didn't like what she's wearing that day, but i do like it to death. Don't you think she looks extremely gorgeous ?? I think this sophisticated boyish look was awesome. And don't forget her fresh face, sweet smile, perfect make up and damn cool shoes, she's just rock ! She looks uniquely different yet fashionable without looking to hard to be it.

And the sweet-heartwarming part is, the YSL suits she's wearing that day, is a tribute for YSL, "remembering YSL". Ah, i just love her.

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